Download our John's gospel Midweek Prep booklet and Exodus Midweek Prep booklet

Study Resources

Download our Bible Study Resources here:

Genesis 12-25 booklet

1 John Study booklet - 1 John introduction

Colossians Study booklet - Colossians Introduction

Download our Advent Devotionals from Isaiah here.


Unable to find the book you were looking for on the bookstall at church? Check out the Euston Church recommended books page on the 10ofthose.com website.


Looking for something to read to kick start having a daily personal devotional time reading the Bible and praying? Why not check out these links. You can even get the passages and comments sent to you by email everyday:



Missionaries@Work training material

M@W is our evangelism training course designed to equip us to:

  • share the gospel with friends, family and colleagues;

  • adorn the gospel through being godly in our lives; and

  • partner with other Christians to reach the lost

Our first M@W Study guide on the theology of Work is now available to download here.

Euston Church Prayers

Many church members find the brilliant, free, Prayer Mate app a helpful tool to organise their prayer times. Euston Church has a prayer feed which you can subscribe to on Prayer Mate to get daily church prayer requests. Click the button below for more details.