It can be all too easy to compartmentalise our lives as Christians on a Sunday from what we spend most of our weeks doing – working. Whatever your job, here at Euston Church we aim to help workers to understand the Bible and apply it to the 9-6. We do this through teaching, prayer and partnership and in particular through the dedicated workers’ ministries.

Euston Church runs two workers’ ministries in the area, Euston Area Talks and the King's Cross Network. The main meetings of these are weekly lunchtime talks and Bible Studies, both great places to be built up during the week and to bring along colleagues and friends to explore the Christian faith. There are also regular prayer groups, one-to-one Bible studies, Christianity Explored courses, Evangelism training and much more.

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Upcoming dates:  7th -28th November: Faith that Works

Slander...greed...discrimination... how do we put up with it all? Especially from these so-called 'Christians'!
Ever been put off by hypocritical Christianity? Well so is God. Come hear how he exposes inauthentic faith and teaches us about faith that works. Bible talks from the book of James:

07.11 Can faith save you without the need for good works?
14.11 Your tongue: the deadliest weapon you own.
21.11 How to be a peacemaker.
28.11 Friendship with the world is enmity with God.

Kev Murdoch will be speaking.


God at Work Series

On average, Londoners face the longest commute and longest working hours of anywhere in the UK. So much of our life is spent in the workplace, but 55% of us are unhappy with our current jobs. So what's the point? Come and hear what God has to say. 

12 September: In the beginning, God

19 September: Some reasons to get out of bed on a Monday morning

26 September: Serving The Boss while I’m serving my boss

3 October: God at work while you're at work

Speaker: Kev Murdoch. 

Before going into paid Christian work, Kev worked for several years as a solicitor in the City. He then trained at Oakhill Theological College and St Mellitus College and is now the minister of Euston Church. 

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Upcoming dates: 

11th September: King's Cross Network begins - Psalm 110

18th September - 6th November: Bible studies in the book of Daniel - Serving the King of kings in a hostile kingdom.
(There will be no meeting on 23rd October).


There are a number of similar talks across London. A good list can be found on the Gospel at Work website.