It can be all too easy to compartmentalise our lives as Christians on a Sunday from what we spend most of our weeks doing – working. Whatever your job, here at Euston Church we aim to help workers to understand the Bible and apply it to the 9-6. We do this through teaching, prayer and partnership and in particular through the dedicated workers’ ministries.

Euston Church runs two workers’ ministries in the area, Euston Area Talks and the King's Cross Network. The main meetings of these are weekly lunchtime talks and Bible Studies, both great places to be built up during the week and to bring along colleagues and friends to explore the Christian faith. There are also regular prayer groups, one-to-one Bible studies, Christianity Explored courses, Evangelism training and much more.

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Upcoming dates: 

4th July- Acts 28

11th July - Invite Talk

18th July - Invite Talk 

27th July- 29th August - No lunchtime talk

5th September- Euston Area Talks begins 

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Colossians - We're currently looking at the book of Colossians together.  Colossians gets right to the heart of what it means to be a Christian and to grow as a Christian.  So whether you've been a Christian many years, or you're just looking into the Christian faith, it'd be a great time to come and join us.