What's the best gift God could give you?

What would bring you happiness? What would bring you fulfilment? What would bring you peace?

Christianity Explored Ministries presents a seven session series - featuring a combination of short films and Bible interaction - to help you discover the greatest gift in the universe...

Session 1    The Good God

Session 2    The Trustworthy God

Session 3    The Generous God

Session 4    The Liberating God

Session 5    The Fulfilling God

Session 6    The Life-Giving God

Session 7    The Joyful God



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Two Ways to Live – a simple explanation of the message at the heart of Christianity - click here

Guest Events

The good news of Jesus is for everybody and most of our meetings are designed for anyone, from the interested observer to the committed follower.  Visitors are always welcome to Euston Church, but every so often we organise specific guest events. These may be a special church service, or a lunch or dinner, which includes a brief examination of the claims of Jesus, with plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions. 

Here are the recordings from talks at a selection of previous guest events:

View the handout for the 'Is the New Testament reliable' talk here

Videos explaining christian beliefs