It can be all too easy to compartmentalise our lives as Christians on a Sunday from what we spend most of our weeks doing – working. Whatever your job, here at Euston Church we aim to help workers to understand the Bible and apply it to the 9-6. We do this through teaching, prayer and partnership and in particular through the dedicated workers’ ministries.

Euston Church runs two workers’ ministries in the area, Euston Area Talks and the King's Cross Network. The main meetings of these are weekly lunchtime talks and Bible Studies, both great places to be built up during the week and to bring along colleagues and friends to explore the Christian faith. There are also regular prayer groups, one-to-one Bible studies, Christianity Explored courses, Evangelism training and much more.

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Questions for Life

Sceptic, interested or committed? Everyone welcome. 

7th March    True for you, not for me.'
                    Is universal truth possible, or even desirable in a post-                      truth world?
                    Speaker: Kev Murdoch

14th March   Too high a price?

                     Why do Christians around the globe persevere                                 through persecution?
                     Speaker: Rob Mullock

21st March    Why doesn't God make himself clearer? 
                      Speaker: Michael Nicholson  

Kev is the minister of Euston Church, Rob is the assistant minister of Euston Church and Michael is training at Oak Hill Theological College. 

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Hebrews - We're currently looking at the book of Hebrews together.  Hebrews is a book written to Christians to warn against the danger of drifting away from trusting in Jesus.  The writer motivates readers to hold fast to Jesus by painting a wonderful picture of who he is and what he's done.  We know that working in busy London jobs we can be prone to neglecting thinking about Jesus, and that drift can be a real danger for us; so looking at Hebrews together will be a great time for us to refocus on Jesus and hold fast to him

We would love for you and your colleagues to come along to our upcoming Real Lives invite event on 21st March.