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Midweek groups are the main way we build friendships and grow spiritually together. Most of the groups meet centrally on Wednesday evenings. They are full of friendship and fun, as together we open up the Scriptures week by week, help each other apply God's word to our lives and pray.

This year, we will be listening to God's word in John's gospel (newcomers) and Exodus (people returning to Midweek) in our Bible studies. People will be coming and going throughout the year, so it will always be a good week to join a group! You can download the prep booklets for John’s gospel and Exodus here.

To find out more about Midweek, or to sign up for a group, email

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Students and International Students have always been at the heart of our community and for many colleges and halls of residence we're right on your doorstep. Wherever you're studying, wherever you're from and whatever your background we'd love Euston Church to be a place where you can investigate Christianity, grow in your knowledge of Jesus and share the good news about him with your coursemates. We have a packed student schedule with student Bible study groups at midweek, seminars on key issues, a summer retreat and much, much more. 

For more info email


It can be all too easy to compartmentalise our lives as Christians on a Sunday from what we spend most of our weeks doing – working. Whatever your job, here at Euston Church we aim to help workers to understand the Bible and apply it to the 9-6. We do this through teaching, prayer and partnership and in particular through the dedicated workers’ ministries.

Euston Church is directly involved in the work of two workers’ ministries in the area, Euston Area Talks and the King's Cross Network. The main meetings of these are weekly lunchtime talks and Bible Studies. There are also regular prayer groups, one-to-one Bible studies, Christianity Explored courses, Evangelism training and much more. 

Euston Area Talks meets on Wednesdays (1.10-1.40pm) at Christ the King. For more info click the Lunchtime talks tab or email

The King's Cross Network meets on Tuesdays (1.05-1.40pm) in the Parcel Yard Pub which is on the concourse of Kings Cross Station. For more info click the Lunchtime talks tab or email

There are also a number of other workers ministries operating around London. Visit to find one near you.


At Euston Church we love to welcome children and families! Our desire is to:

  • teach the children to know God, and the wonderful gospel of His Son, through opening God’s word to them in relevant, simple and creative ways;

  • provide an environment of love and compassion where the children feel safe during Sunday meetings, parents Bible studies or weekends away; and

  • enable parents/guardians at Euston Church to sit under God’s word each week, to pray together, and to equip and encourage them in sharing the Bible at home.

Our Sunday morning service includes a kids Bible story from the front, before all the children go out to age specific groups. We currently have a supervised crèche for babies and a Sunday Club for the older children. We mostly make use of the Mustard Seed TNT material. We also provide an area for any feeding mums to do so whilst listening to the sermon through an audio link. 

During the week we host 'Little Tots' with London City Mission every Monday during term-time from 10am - 12pm, which is great fun and a brilliant opportunity for outreach together and we currently have 3 weekly Bible studies for mums and dads, providing childcare when necessary!

In addition to our weekly families programme, we run occasional parenting and marriage seminars as we seek to think Biblically together about how to be godly in our families. The Euston church family weekend aways are great fun for the children too and we are thankful for an outside childcare team who assist in both teaching and looking after the little ones, giving both them and their parents a refreshing fun time!

We take safeguarding very seriously at Euston church. Therefore we ensure all our volunteers have read and follow the procedures outlined in our policy, and have enhanced DBS checks completed and up to date as well.

For more information email Laura Murdoch:

Local Community

The London City Mission team at the Paget Centre (on the nearby Bemerton Estate) have become great friends and partners in the gospel. Students from Euston Church volunteer at a number of groups for children and young people, including a youth club on Monday evenings, a an after school music group on Wednesdays and a Friday evening Bible club. Mums from Euston Church also run the 'Little Tots' group every Monday morning during school term time.

To get involved, or to find out more, email Laura